Refill Station:

Here at Grocer and Grain we offer four different types of refills where you can come and fill up old bottles with either: All Purpose Cleaner (£2.80 per litre), Fabric Softener (£2.40 per litre), Washing Up Liquid (£2.00per lite) or Laundry Liquid (£3.60 per litre), all of which are from the brand Ecover. By supplying you with these refill station, we are trying to reduce the stores carbon footprint by cutting down in the use of plastic. We also stock refills for Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Rapeseed Oil which is produced in Kent.

Deli Produce:

We sell a range of deli produce including freshly made houmous and pestos, stuffed vine leaves, anchovies, sun-dried tomatoes, Turkish yogurt and olives. We also sell fresh salads, overnight oats and rice dishes which are made right here in our kitchen. Our range of meats, cheeses and other dairy products are all sourced from local farms.

Free Range Eggs:

Our eggs come directly from Mac’s farm in Ditchling village, Sussex. They are all organic and free range, costing £1.99 for a box of half a dozen, or £1.89 if you bring your own box.

Coffee and Teas:

We stock many different brands of coffee, for example; Cafe Direct, Grumpy Mule and our most popular, Union - all of which are £4.99. When buying Union, hand roasted coffee you help to improve both the quality of the coffee and the livelihoods of the farmers. We sell a variety of different blends, including the house roast which is a customer favourite among others. Our never ending selection of Pukka teas - which are £2.99 a box - never fails to please our customers. However, we also stock brands such as Dragonfly and Clipper teas as well. In the store, we use Grumpy Mule Coffe beans to make our takeaway coffee which is £2.20 per cup or 25p off if you bring your own cup.

Cupboard Staples:

Our wide range of tinned products and preserves work as great staples for easy meals and are necessities for your cupboard at home. Our selection includes soups, beans, lentils, pasta sauces and many more, as well as jams, local honeys, chutneys and nut butters.

Dry Products:

Infinity Foods is our main supplier of dry foods, such as flour, oats, muesli, lentils and other grains and pulses. We also supply different types of cereals like bran flakes.

Alternative Produce:

At Grocer and Grain we have a variety of alternative produce, for example, our selection of alternative milks and other dairy produce, gluten free and vegan cakes and other treats. Our alternative milks include: oat milk, soya milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk and hazelnut milk. In the colder months we also sell vegan and gluten free hot foods. We are always happy to answer questions regarding ingredients and allergy information of our products.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:

Our fresh fruit and veg is supplied seasonally. We sell it loose so you can come and grab a paper bag and stock up with as much as you need. Prices start from 35p per piece.

Freshly Baked Bread:

We get fresh bread delivered daily from the Real Patisserrie - a local bakery here in Brighton. This includes brown and white sourdoughs, slices and unsliced breads, baguettes and rye breads. Prices start from £1.49 for the baguettes and French style loafs from £2.09.

Cakes and Pastries:

On the counter we have a delicious range of sweet treats, which includes brownies, tiffins, flapjacks, cakes, croissants, Danish pastries and protein bars, all supplies from the Real Patisserie. Also, we occasionally bake our own treats in the kitchen. If you are not in the mood for something sweet, there is also our warm samosas and vegan sausage rolls.


Every morning we produce lots of sandwiches ready for the lunchtime rush. These include which and hole Grain baguettes filled with wither our special tuna mix; pesto, mozzarella and tomato or salami, cheddar, chilli jam and salad. Or pick up a toasted ciabatta filled with either the pesto, mozzarella and tomato filling, or the salami and cheddar with chilli jam and tomato. As a vegan option we also make a houmous, pumpkin seed, chilli jam and salad leaf ciabatta. Our sandwiches all cost £3.75 each and our one of our best sellers.